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Collaborative, client-centric and quirky, too, we embrace the power of abundant mentality to be productive problem solvers. By bringing our team and our clients together, we find solutions – quickly, efficiently and cost effectively – no matter what the challenge may be.

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Satisfied Clients

Inward Strategic Consulting helped us produce a video and poster to demonstrate Walmart’s leadership commitment, unwavering efforts and compelling accomplishments to empower women internally and externally. The team creatively translated concepts into appealing content and targeted messaging that connects to the right audience and strengthens the brand image. We appreciate the team for the quality of the end-product, their thoughtful counsel, and professional craftsmanship.
Donald Fan, Senior Director, Global Office of Diversity, Walmart

I have known, and worked with Allan for more than 20 years. I am an entrepreneur and work on leading edge products and technologies. My corporate and business needs have varied widely among my various companies and projects over the years. Allan's techniques and strategies for gleaning essential information, and his ability to efficiently and quickly synthesize the collected data into a useful action plan are extraordinary. His services have proven to be extremely helpful and valuable. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants a better understanding of their business and want to increase its potential and market share.
Douglas Magyari, CEO, IMMY Inc.

We are a 150+ year-old organization which badly needed a transformation but really didn't know how to make it happen. Allan and his team miraculously came in, gained our trust right away and led us to begin open and honest conversations which had been absent over the past several years. Without Allan and Inward, I'm not so sure we could survive. He led a Visioneering exercise with over 150 members for 6 hours and kept everyone engaged and committed to transformation and change. Inward’s report has provided the game plan for action with a tight timeline and clear goals and deliverables.
Chuck Diamond, President, Congregation Mishkan Tifila of Newton

What We Do

We’re a one-stop consultant shop that strives to find common ground for internal and external branding alignment. We help you find effective ways to sell in to your employees and get their buy-in, so you can achieve more success when reaching out to your customers.

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Visioneering ®

Create alignment and leverage common ground to build and implement shared-vision action plans faster than you thought possible. Then experience what happens when those vision, mission, values inspire a culture determined to achieve like never before.

Internal Branding

Identify and share compelling messages with employees in ways that educate, engage, inspire and motivate them to change their behaviors. And see how easily this approach leads them to provide better customer experiences across the board every day.

Dialogue Marketing ®

Get on the fast track to identifying, exploring and sharing your external value proposition with your customers. Then maximize its power to inform, educate and incentivize customers in ways that create lasting loyalty and advocacy.



Not sure where to start? Our team is expert at guiding companies through unfamiliar territory. If phrases like “centers of excellence,” “benchmark measurement,” “marketing organizational redesign” and “communication audit” make you cringe, contact us.


Insights shouldn't be hard to find. So our full-service research capabilities leave no qualitative or quantitative stone unturned. When it comes to finding answers online or offline, we deploy skilled researchers into the field to deliver our results to you quickly.

Creative Services

Looking for a little creativity? Our in-house and affiliate teams know creative ingenuity is key to solving client challenges. We take experiential communications to the next level and translate them into all different mediums to exceed expectations every time.

Case Studies

EmblemHealth - Internal Dialogue Marketing® Workshop
JP Morgan
McDonald’s - World of Good Gamification
Walmart - MyDepartment Gamification
Walmart - EDLP Starts with Me
Walmart - Holiday Recognition Program

Case Studies

EmblemHealth - Internal Dialogue Marketing® Workshop
JP Morgan
McDonald’s - World of Good Gamification
Walmart - MyDepartment Gamification
Walmart - EDLP Starts with Me
Walmart - Holiday Recognition Program

How We Think

Inward Strategic Consulting has been bridging the gap between strategic consulting firms and advertising agencies like no other since 1998. Fueled by employees from a variety of diverse industries with well over 100 years of consulting experience, our thought leaders have worked with all types of clients across the globe

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